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Five Rivers Environmental Education Center


Albany County

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Hiking, Nature and Animal Study, Hunting, Skiing Five Rivers Environmental Education Center

Five Rivers Environmental Education Center, 450-acres in size, offering 10 miles of trails that are easy to moderate, is located at 56 Game Farm Road, Delmar, NY in Albany County.

Five Rivers is a living museum comprising over 450 acres of broad fields, towering forests, and tranquil wetlands. Five Rivers offers people of all ages a rich variety of guided and self-guided opportunities to encounter nature directly. Stimulating interpretive programs and guided school lessons promote awareness, knowledge and appreciation of New York State's environment year 'round. With over 10 miles of trails for self-guided exploration, Five Rivers fosters discovery, spiritual refreshment and physical fitness through wholesome outdoor recreation.

Each winter, thousands travel to this popular nature center near Albany to hike, snowshoe or cross-country ski around its snowy fields, towering trees, icy streams and frozen ponds. Guided and self-guided tours take you through scenic natural settings, where encounters with fascinating wild creatures are a routine occurrence.

Come, leave the parking lot behind and enter a different world. Listen for the plaintive notes of the eastern bluebird, sneak a glimpse of deer browsing in the fields and let the gentle rustle of the wind inform you. Share in the spirit of that 'long green line' of conservationists at Five Rivers who still today carefully study the natural world and devote their lives to its stewardship.

Grounds are open every day, year-round, from sunrise to sunset. You can picnic, walk (ski) the trails, and observe wildlife.

    Guided Lessons and Special Programs
    Five Rivers Environmental Education Center is a place for adults and children alike to explore, learn and grow. There are a number of special programs and services available to teachers and schools in the area.

    Five Rivers offers guided outdoor lessons for school groups from Pre-K through 7th grade throughout the fall, winter and spring. The Guided Lessons page briefly describes the lessons available each season, along with other information that a class visiting the Center would need to know.

    Marvelous Maples
    Held only during the month of March, Marvelous Maples is a "hands-on" guided lesson demonstrating the process of maple sugaring. Some basic concepts of forestry and tree identification also are covered. Students are able see and participate in the entire sugaring process from sap to syrup. Best of all, they get to taste the sweet result.

    Five Rivers Tails by Mail
    Five Rivers has developed educational kits on a variety of environmental topics especially for teachers and youth leaders. Each Tails by Mail kit features biological specimens, books, pamphlets, posters and curriculum enhancement ideas which can help teachers meet NYS standards and enhance classroom instruction.

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Things To Do at Five Rivers Environmental Education Center
Camp on DEC Campgrounds
Guided and self-guided tours
Nature and wildlife study
Picnic Tables
Youth hunting and trapping
Wheelchair Accessible (2 wheelchair-accessible interpretive trails)
    Winter Activities at Five Rivers
    Cross-Country Skiing

Kids Things to Do at Five Rivers Environmental Education Center
Nature Activity Guides at DEC's web pages for kids
Nature and wildlife study

Location: Delmar

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