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 Hopewell Junction Pick-a-Pumpkin

12533, U-Pick farm, pick-your-own, organic, apple picking, pesticide free produce, Red Tomato, organic, Attractions, Apple Cider Donuts, for kids, Hay Jump for kids, Hay rides, Organic U-Pick, Apple Picking, Pumpkin, Pumpkin Patch, Strawberry Picking | Dutchess Fishkill Farms "NOFA-NY Pick-Your-Own Apples"

  Fishkill Farms, a NOFA-NY certified organic CSA farm offering pick-your-own apples, fruits, and vegetables, is located at 9 Fishkill Farm Road, Hopewell Junction NY 12533, Dutchess County in the mid-Hudson Valley.

From Fishkill Farms: "Fishkill Farms is a historic apple orchard that has been in the Morgenthau family for nearly 100 years. After leasing the farm to outside management for a period, Robert and Josh Morgenthau, the second and third generation of the farm family, took the operation back in 2007. Soon, a team began to develop, and Josh took over management of the farm. With the hard work and dedication of the team, Fishkill Farms has grown from a conventionally farmed apple orchard in need of new trees and new tractors, into a diversified, ecological farm with new orchards and infrastructures. Fishkill Farms  "NOFA-NY Pick-Your-Own Apples" | Dutchess  website and more . . .
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 Poughquag Pick-a-Pumpkin

12570, Orchards, U-Pick farm, pick-your-own apples, family, Pick Your Own, Family Activities, Attractions, children, corn maze, Hayrides, pumpkin patch, Petting Zoo, U-Pick, Apple Picking, Exhibits, Harvest Schedule, Events, Family Activities | Dutchess Barton Orchards "Pick-Your-Own"

  Barton Orchards, a U-Pick farm offering pick-your-own apples, is located at 63 Apple Tree Lane, Poughquag NY 12570, Dutchess County in the mid-Hudson Valley.

From Barton Orchards: "Barton Orchards is a 122 acre diverse working family Farm in the Hudson Valley. Educational programs (weekdays only) feature hands-on picking of fruits with an understanding of the food growing process, interactive corn maze, hayride, snacks, petting zoo and playground. Bring your preschool, elementary, scout troop, or special group. We’ve got activities and learning for all." Barton Orchards  "Pick-Your-Own" | Dutchess  website and more . . .
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 Red Hook Pick-a-Pumpkin

12571, U-Pick farm, pick your own, farm fresh fruit, pick-your-own apples, berries, pumpkins, bring the children, kids, pick apples, Raspberries, Blueberries, Blackberries, Apples, Blueberry, Blackberry, Raspberry Picking, Pumpkin Picking | Dutchess Greig Farm "Pick your own"

  Greig Farm, a U-Pick farm, is located at 223 Pitcher Lane, Red Hook NY 12571, Dutchess County in the Hudson Valley. The Greig Farm has been open to the public for pick your own fruits and vegetables for more than 60 years. Greig Farm  "Pick your own" | Dutchess  website and more . . .

12571, Community Farm, CSA Farm, Community Supported Agriculture, Farm Share program, regenerative farming, fresh vegetables, regenerative farming, grow food without the use of any chemical pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, CSA Products, pumpkins | Dutchess Hearty Roots Community Farm "CSA Farm"

  Hearty Roots Community Farm, a CSA Farm offering a few fruits and many vegetables, uses the practice of regenerative farming. Hearty Roots is located at 223 Pitcher Lane, Red Hook, NY 12571, Dutchess County in the Hudson Valley.

From Hearty Roots: "We are a Community Farm, providing fresh food and a better environment for our neighbors in the Hudson Valley and New York City. Through our CSA, we offer delicious, top-quality vegetables and eggs. Using sustainable farming practices, we aim to improve our soil and ecosystem. In return, our community supports the farm, by becoming members of our CSA." Hearty Roots Community Farm  "CSA Farm" | Dutchess  website and more . . .
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 Tivoli Village Pick-a-Pumpkin

12583, Orchards, U-Pick farm, pick-your-own, apples, blueberries, cherries, peaches, pumpkins, strawberries, U-Pick dates, Pick Strawberries, U-Pick, Apple Picking, Blueberry Picking, Cherry Picking, Peach Picking<br>Pumpkin Picking, | Dutchess Mead Orchards "Pick-Your-Own"

  Mead Orchards, a U-Pick farm offering pick-your-own apples, blueberries, cherries, peaches, pumpkins, and strawberries, is located at 15 Scism Road, Tivoli NY 12583, Northern Dutchess County in the Hudson Valley.

From Mead Orchards: "There is no entrance fee for Pick-Your-Own. Strawberry, Blueberry, and Cherry pickers will find containers and will pay at the tents in the orchards. For Peaches and Apples, pickers will stop at our farm stand near the barn to pick up containers and get directions, and then drive up into the orchards. You'll pay for your U-Pick items at the farm stand. You may also park and walk -- just keep in mind there are some hills, and fruit can be heavy to carry."

No climbing the trees.
Mead Orchards  "Pick-Your-Own" | Dutchess  website and more . . .

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Find a list of farms where you can buy or pick-your-own pumpkin in Dutchess County. Enjoy a fun day with the kids and family out in a Pumpkin Patch. Go pumpkin picking at your local farm in Dutchess, New York. U-Pick pumpkin farms offer many outdoor activities and fun things to do for the kids. Adults can enjoy a hot cup of coffee or apple cider with the delicious fresh donuts offered at most pumpkin patches and apple picking orchards.

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