Onteora Lake Hike in Bluestone Wild Forest | Kingston Ulster County New York
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Onteora Lake Hike in Bluestone Wild Forest


Ulster County

12401, Lake Trail, Bluestone Wild Forest, Walk the trai,Things to Do at Onteora Lake Trail, Boating, Hiking Onteora Lake Trail, Mountain Biking, Paddle in the lake Onteora Lake Hike in Bluestone Wild Forest

Onteora Lake Trail in Bluestone Wild Forest is located in the Town of Kingston, NY 12401 in Ulster County.

Distance: 1.8 miles
Markers: Yellow
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Elevation: 200 feet ascent

"Bluestone mined in this area was transported by wagons to Kingston, where it was shipped to cities around the world. Walk the trail that loops around part of Onteora Lake for signs of former bluestone quarrying. The woods trail starts at the parking lot at Onteora Lake and winds through an undulating forested landscape of hemlocks, pines, and oaks. Trail loops throughout the woods to the north are also excellent for short mountain bike rides."

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Things To Do at Onteora Lake Trail
16.5-acre, 0.75 mile long lake
Hiking Onteora Lake Trail
Mountain Biking
Paddle in the lake

    Winter Activities
    Cross-Country Skiing

Location: Kingston

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