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 Ghent Adventures

Destiny's Ride, equestrian activities, Ghent, NY, therapeutic equestrian experience for children and adults with special needs, Things To Do, horse care, proper horse handling, horseback riding, Riding lessons for both adults and children | Columbia Destiny's Ride Equestrian Center

  Destiny's Ride, offering a therapeutic equestrian experience, is located at 406 Old Post Road, Stop 24, Ghent, NY 12075 in Columbia County.

From Destiny's Ride: "Destiny's Ride provides a unique and enjoyable therapeutic equestrian experience for children and adults with special needs. Riders ages five and up are accepted into the Destiny's Ride program. Participants will engage in all activities associated with horseback riding, including grooming, and care of horses. All lessons are tailored to benefit the riders' individual needs. Lessons are provided by a Licensed Massachusetts Instructor and a Registered Therapeutic Instructor through PATH (Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International). Destiny's Ride Equestrian Center | Columbia  website and more . . .

12075, therapeutic riding and driving, Ghent, NY, riding, driving and other equine assisted activities to children, teens and adults with special needs, High & Mighty website, equine-assisted activities to people with special needs | Columbia High & Mighty

  High & Mighty, providing therapeutic riding and driving, is located at 71 County Route 21C, Ghent, NY 12075 in Columbia County.

From High & Mighty: "High & Mighty Therapeutic Riding & Driving Center 501 (c)(3), located on fifty acres in beautiful Columbia County, New York, offers riding, driving and other equine assisted activities to children, teens and adults with special needs. High & Mighty | Columbia  website and more . . .
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 Hillsdale Adventures

12529, Adventure Park, Hillsdale NY, Columbia County, New York, Berkshire Mountains, family fun,  children, aerial forest adventure, exciting and safe, aerial forest rope course, Outdoor Activities, Rope courses | Columbia Catamount Adventure Park

  The Catamount Adventure Park is located at 3200 State Highway 23, Hillsdale NY 12529 in Columbia County; at the New York and Massachusetts border in the Berkshire Mountains. Catamount offers family fun for ages 8 and up. This aerial forest adventure is fun, exciting and safe for all participants. Everyone is equipped with a harness and shown a safety demonstration prior to their session. The Park has 8 separate courses for all abilities. . . . You will develop skills, endurance and confidence during your time in the Park. The Adventure Park Staff has been thoroughly trained to assist everyone using the Park.

Catamount Adventure Park | Columbia  website and more . . .
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 Kinderhook Adventures

12106, horseback riding lessons, Kinderhook, NY, family run horse and pony boarding facility, safe, horse friendly environment for both horse and rider | Columbia Kinder Farm

  Kinder Farm, offering horseback riding lessons, and horse and pony boarding, is located at 15 Pin Oak Drive, Kinderhook, NY 12106 in Columbia County.

From Kinder Farm: "Kinder Farm is a family run horse and pony boarding facility. Numerous hours were spent in the layout and design of the facility to assure a safe, horse friendly environment for both horse and rider.

"Kinder Farm has a unique layout. Each 12'x12' stall has an independent sacrifice pasture attached, to encourage movement and improve joint health. Horses are turned out individually or in pairs during the day or evening, and return to have their own separate area in which to eat and relax. We believe horses should "graze" continuously, so when grass is not available, we feed hay every 4 hours. Grain is provided twice daily and there are 2 water options in each stall. Kinder Farm | Columbia  website and more . . .
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 North Chatham Adventures

12132, boarding and training equestrian facility, North Chatham, NY, training in Dressage and Eventing, schooling shows, USEA Recognized Horse Trials, Hunt Country, Old Chatham Pony Club, Equestrian facilities, Dressage and Eventing, Horses for sale | Columbia Larkin' Hill

  Larkin' Hill Farm is a boarding and training equestrian facility located at 515 County Route 32, North Chatham, NY 12132 in Columbia County and Rensselaer counties.

From Larkin' Hill: "We offer training in Dressage and Eventing for riders with their own horses. We also host several schooling shows and clinics during the year, as well as two USEA Recognized Horse Trials. Situated at the northern edge of the Old Chatham Hunt Country, we also support the activities of the Old Chatham Pony Club with lessons and use of the facility for its members. Larkin' Hill | Columbia  website and more . . .

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