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Cherry Plain State Park


Rensselaer County

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Cherry Plain State Park, a 175-acre park, is located at 10 State Park Road, Petersburg, NY 12138 in Rensselaer County. The park features a sandy beach on Black River Pond, with bathhouse and comfort station nearby. Picnic grounds and a boat launch are adjacent to the beach.

"Cherry Plain State Park has 175 acres and features a sandy beach on Black River Pond, with bathhouse and comfort station nearby. Picnic grounds and a boat launch are adjacent to the beach. The park also has bridle paths and hiking, biking and nature trails that serve for cross-country skiing in winter. Anglers fish for bass, bullheads and pickerel and may also ice fish in winter. The park has 10 trailer sites, 10 lakeside tent sites as well as 10 "hike-in" tent sites available for overnight camping."

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Things To Do at Cherry Plain State Park
Boat Launches
Boat Rentals
Bridle Path
Nature Trails
Picnic Tables *
Recreation Programs
Tent/Trailer Sites

    Winter Activities
    Cross-Country Skiing
    Ice Fishing

Wheelchair Accessible*
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Location: Petersburg

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