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Rondout Lighthouse


Ulster County

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Rondout Creek is located at Kingston Point, Kingston, NY 12401 in Ulster County. The current Rondout Lighthouse is actually the third lighthouse built at the mouth of the Rondout Creek. The first Kingston Lighthouse was built in 1837. This wood structure became badly damaged by ice and weather and soon became unsafe for the keeper and her family. A second lighthouse of brick and stone was constructed in 1867 on the south side of the creek. This second light was abandoned in 1915 when the present dikes were constructed at the Creek's entrance. Demolished in 1954 when its roof collapsed, the second lighthouse's stone footings are still visible today.

In 1913 construction started on a new lighthouse, which is the structure known to area residents today as the Rondout Lighthouse. The largest and last 'family' light built on the Hudson River, the third Rondout Lighthouse, was first lit on August 25, 1915.

Enjoy hiking the Interpretive Nature Trail that follows the course of the fitness trail through the upper area in Hasbrouck Park and is approximately 1 mile in length. It is suitable for young children and adults. Thirty-two different varieties of trees are identified along the trail through the use of signage, and a brochure is available to assist visitor's with locating the trees and providing interesting facts regarding some of the species. In addition to the trees, the trail offers spectacular views of the serene waters of the Hudson River, Rondout Creek, Rondout Lighthouse, and also the Ponckhockie section of Kingston.

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Location: Kingston

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