Shaupeneak Ridge  "Scenic Hudson Valley" | Esopus Ulster County New York
Kids Hiking Trails in the Hudson Valley

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Shaupeneak Ridge "Scenic Hudson Valley"


Ulster County

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Shaupeneak Ridge
Esopus, Ulster County
Hudson River Valley, New York State

From Scenic Hudson: "Esopus, Ulster County (790 acres)—Located on the slopes and top of Shaupeneak Ridge, part of the Marlboro Mountains, the preserve offers a cornucopia of treats for nature lovers — wildflower-filled grasslands, woods, a waterfall and pond, stunning rock formations and an abundance of wildlife, including beaver, deer, coyotes and turkeys. Just as impressive are the vistas, stretching to the Hudson River and, once the leaves have fallen, the Catskill Mountains. (Scenic Hudson has protected farmland at the base of Shaupeneak Ridge to ensure pastoral views from the preserve remain unspoiled.) This splendor, combined with the rugged terrain, has made Shaupeneak Ridge one of the region's prime mountain-biking destinations. The preserve also is the site of Scenic Hudson's annual Spring Sprint 5K Trail Race. At whatever speed you enjoy the trails, you'll be amply rewarded."

Things To Do at Shaupeneak Ridge
Birding | Bird Watching
Canoeing and Kayaking
Fishing (Contact local guides for information.)
Hiking Trails
Hunting with permit
Nature Study
Scenic Views

    Winter Activities at Shaupeneak Ridge
    Cross Country Skiing

Special Attractions at Shaupeneak Ridge
Follow the trail around Louisa Pond (abloom with water lilies in summer) and an adjacent wetland that provides food and shelter for birds, dragonflies and other creatures.Louisa Pond at Shaupeneak Ridge is an excellent spot for nature study, hiking, and mountain biking. Six miles of trails available for hiking with beautiful views of eastern Hudson River shore and the Catskill Mountains.

Press blue button source of information, directions and map, hours of operation and more about Shaupeneak Ridge in Ulster County, New York.

After a day of hiking, nature study or mountain biking in this scenic wonderland, pack a picnic from the produce at one of the Farmers Markets in Ulster County. Or, eat-out at one of the excellent restaurants in Ulster, New York.

Location: Esopus

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