Long Path Trail 32 - 36:  Hiking / Biking Capital District |  Albany County New York
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Long Path Trail 32 - 36: Hiking / Biking Capital District

Albany County

Long Path Trail 32 - 36: Hiking / Biking Capital District

Long Path Trail 32 - 36: Hiking / Biking Capital District

"These northern sections of the Long Path slope down from the edge of the Catskills into the Mohawk River Valley. The hills of the western sections give way to gentle rises and falls shaped by glaciers and water punctuated by sharp cliffs of escarpments formed by tilted rock layers. Most of the lands have been settled for a long time and have remained productive farm or forest. Much of the trail passes through nature that has been coerced by civilization to behave in certain ways, either by being farmed for generations, or used as a managed forest for the supply of lumber."

    Capital District Long Path Hiking Trail
  • 32. Middleburgh to Albany County Line
  • 33. Albany County Line to Switz Kill
  • 34. Switz Kill to East Berne
  • 35. East Berne to John Boyd Thacher State Park. End for the "End-to-End" certificate.
  • 36. John Boyd Thacher State Park to Christman Sanctuary new section
For more about Hiking the Long Path Trail, including all sections of the trail, following the Hudson River from New York City through Rockland, Orange, Ulster, Greene, and Albany counties; estimated at 350 miles.

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Outdoor Things to Do on the Long Path Trail
Bird Watching
Camping Primative
Mountain Biking
Photo Opportunities
Scenic Views
    Winter Activities
    Cross-Country Skiing

Location: Albany County

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