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Lake Taghkanic State Park


Columbia County

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Lake Taghkanic State Park, 1,568-acres in size, is located off the Taconic State Parkway, one mile south of the Hudson - Ancram Exit (Route 82).

"Lake Taghkanic State Park encompasses 1,568 acres of pristine wilderness in New York State’s Hudson Valley Region. Here you will find many species of flora and fauna that are indigenous to this climate. Elevations within the park range from 500 feet to 930 feet at some of the higher northern ridges. Appalachian oak, hickory, maple, cedar, and hemlock are commonly found throughout the park with spruce and white birch found on the northern slopes. Mammals found in the park include deer, coyotes, beaver, rabbits, squirrels, and raccoons.

"The lake is 156 acres, with a maximum depth of 42 feet. Fish in the lake include large and small mouth bass, pickerel, brown bullhead, blue gill, and rock bass.

"Lake Taghkanic State Park, nestled next to Lake Taghkanic in the rolling hills and lush forests of Columbia County, offers a wonderful variety of recreational activities. The park has tent and trailer campsites and cabin and cottage camping facilities. Large trucks, RVs and campers can enter from the Route 82 entrance. It also features two beaches, picnic areas, boat launch sites, rowboat, paddleboat and kayak rentals, playgrounds, sports playing fields, a rentable pavilion, and newly renovated recreation hall and showers. There are four Vacation Rental Cottages that have the amenities of home."

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Things To Do at Lake Taghkanic State Park
Boat Launches *
Boat Rentals *
Cabins & Campsites *
Cottages *
Fly Fishing *
Food *
Grills *
Hunting (Permitted in the park by means of bow and arrow only. No firearms are allowed.)
Pavilions *
Picnic Tables *
Playgrounds *
Playing field(s) *
Showers *
Sledding, Snowmobiling & Snowshoeing
Snack/Souvenir Shop
Swimming beach *
Tent/Trailer Sites *
Vacation Rentals
West Beach Concession open during swim season (Serving snack bar food and drinks and misc. items)

    Winter Activities
    Cross-country Skiing
    Ice Fishing
    Ice Skating
Wheelchair Accessible*
Accessible indicates that, to the extent practicable, this facility or activity meets the Americans with Disabilities Act accessibility standards. It is strongly recommended that you contact the facility in advance for a full description of facilities.

Location: Ancram

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