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Columbia County

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  Lake Taghkanic State Park, 1,568-acres in size, is located off the Taconic State Parkway, one mile south of the Hudson - Ancram Exit (Route 82).

"Lake Taghkanic State Park encompasses 1,568 acres of pristine wilderness in New York State’s Hudson Valley Region. Here you will find many species of flora and fauna that are indigenous to this climate. Elevations within the park range from 500 feet to 930 feet at some of the higher northern ridges. Appalachian oak, hickory, maple, cedar, and hemlock are commonly found throughout the park with spruce and white birch found on the northern slopes. Mammals found in the park include deer, coyotes, beaver, rabbits, squirrels, and raccoons. Lake Taghkanic State Park | Columbia  website and more . . .

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12502, NOFA-NY Certified Organic U-Pick farm, pick-your-own strawberries, Ancram NY, latest picking  conditions, U-Pick Organic Strawberries, Strawberry Picking, Organic Products, Apples (pre-picked organic apples) | Columbia Thompson-Finch Farm "NOFA-NY Pick-Your-Own"

  Thompson-Finch Farm, a NOFA-NY certified organic U-Pick farm since 1988, offering pick-your-own strawberries is located at 750 Wiltsie Bridge Road, Ancram NY 12502, Columbia County in the upper-Hudson Valley.

From Thompson-Finch: "CertifieThompson-Finch farm has been in Marnie's family for five generations. We, Don and Marnie, have been cultivating this land since 1982. We started out by growing a wide variety of vegetables and selling to local restaurants and stores. With our first small field of strawberries, we saw that people yearned to pick their own food and to be connected to the earth and what they eat. As the years passed, our strawberry fields grew to 4.5 acres and our orchard to 1.5 acre; we also added 1 acre of blueberries and one-half acre of raspberries. Our dedicated customers now come from New York and the greater New England region. We are proud of our clean fields and orchards and most importantly you, our most valued and honored customers. You are what keep us going and striving every year to make your visit to our farm a happy and memorable family outing." Thompson-Finch Farm  "NOFA-NY Pick-Your-Own" | Columbia  website and more . . .

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Columbia County

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