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Harriman State Park - Rockland County (and Orange)

Rockland County

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Harriman State Park, is located at Seven Lakes Dr / Bear Mountain Circle, Ramapo, NY 10974 in both Orange and Rockland counties. Harriman Park is the second-largest park in the parks system, with 31 lakes and reservoirs, 200 miles of hiking trails, three beaches, two public camping areas, a network of group camps, miles of streams and scenic roads, and scores of wildlife species, vistas and vantage points. The park includes Lakes Welch, Sebago, Tiorati and Silvermine, the Anthony Wayne Recreation Area, Sebago Cabins and Beaver Pond Campgrounds.

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Things To Do at Harriman State Park

    - Waterfowl concenration site
    - Migratory concentration site
    - Diverse species concentration site
    - Species at risk site
    - Bird research site
Biking Trails
Boat Launches
Boat Rentals
Bridle Path / Horseback Riding
Dumping stations
Fishing spots
Gift Shop
Hiking trails
Museum & Visitor Center
Picnic Tables
Playing Fields
Scenic Views
Swimming Beach (Lake Tiorati and Lake Welch)Tent / Trailer Sites
    Winter Activities
    Cross-Country Skiing
    Ice Fishing
    Ice Skating

Location: Rockland County

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