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 All Bear Mountain Listings10911, history, perkins memorial tower, appalachian trail, bear mountain bridge, park attractions, attractions at bear mountain, merry-go-round pavilion, perkins memorial tower, zoo, children, historic, about bear mountain state park | Rockland

 Bear Mountain Biking Trails | Bike Paths

Things to Do, Bear Mountain Park, hikers, historic Appalachian trail, campgrounds, great hiking, hikers, attractiions, activities, swimming pool, nature trails, Zoo, ice-skating, Biking, Cross-Country Skiing, Merry-Go-Round | Rockland Bear Mountain State Park

  Bear Mountain State Park is located on the west side of the Hudson River in both Orange and Rockland counties in New York State. The 5,067-acre (20.51 km2) Bear Mountain State Park, flagship of the Palisades Interstate Park System, is renowned for its natural beauty and rugged mountains and is just 50 miles north of midtown New York City (via Palisades Interstate Pkwy North), in the historic and beautiful Hudson River Valley.

Things to Do at Bear Mountain State Park Bear Mountain State Park | Rockland  photos, website and more . . .

Hessian Lake at Bear Mountain State Park, rowboat rentals, Hudson River Fishing, Things to Do in the Summer, day-break from NYC, visit Bear Mountain, Picnic, kids, special attraction, Bear Mountain Park Carousel, Scenic Views | Rockland Hessian Lake in Bear Mountain Park

  Click to enlarge photo of Hessian Lake at Bear Mountain State Park.

Click to enlarge photo of Hessian Lake at Bear Mountain Park Hessian Lake offers a dock on the Hudson River for mooring small craft, rowboat rentals on the lake, and Hudson River Fishing.

Add Bear Mountain Park to your list of Things to Do in the Summer . Plan a picnic, launch your kayak or canoe, and go Boating at Bear Mountain Park. Hessian Lake in Bear Mountain Park | Rockland  photos, website and more . . .

photo, visit, attraction, Perkins Drive, Perkins Point, Perkins Memorial Tower, spectacular views, Harriman State Park, Hudson River, Hike, bike, day trip, vacationing, Bear Mountain Bridge, Fort Montgomery, day trip, sightsee, sight see, tourist site | Rockland Perkins Point and Perkins Memorial Tower

  Click to enlarge photo of View at Perkins Point.

Click to enlarge photo of View at Perkins Point Perkins Drive, also known as Perkins Point and Perkins Memorial Tower, stands at the summit of Bear Mountain State Park, 1,305 feet above the Hudson River. The tower was completed in 1934 and dedicated to George Walbridge Perkins, the first President and widely regarded founder of the Palisades Interstate Park Commission (PIPC). Perkins Point and Perkins Memorial Tower | Rockland  website and more . . .

Get away from NYC, day in the country, Visit Bear Mountain Park, scenic spots, photo opportunities, Magnificent scenery, rugged landscapes, Hudson River landscapes, hiking trails, day trip to Bear Mountain, activities, attractions xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx | Rockland Photo Opportunities at Bear Mountain

Click to enlarge photo of an Early Evening Swim in Hessian Lake.

Click to enlarge photo of Evening Swim at Hessian Lake
Photo opportunities abound at Bear Mountain State Park located in the Bear Mountain Region of New York State. Bear Mountain offers the photographer stunning scenery and landscapes throughout the year. The photographic artist has opportunities to build their own portfolio of artistic impressions at one of many scenic spots just waiting to be photgraphed.

Things To Do at Bear Mountain Park Photo Opportunities at Bear Mountain | Rockland  more . . .
 All Haverstraw ListingsRockland

 Haverstraw Biking Trails | Bike Paths

10927, Haverstraw Beach, State Park, Haverstraw, NY, Rockland Lake State Park, Nyack Beach bike path at Hook Mountain, A Bit of History, Things to Do, Biking, Bird Watching, Hiking / Walking Trails | Rockland Haverstraw Beach State Park

  Haverstraw Beach State Park is located at 200 Riverside Ave., Haverstraw, NY 10927 in Rockland County.

"Haverstraw Beach State Park is a component of the larger Rockland Lake State Park complex. The park is just north of the Rockland Lake golf course, on the east side of Route 9W. The Nyack Beach bike path at Hook Mountain runs directly through the heart of Haverstraw Beach Park. There is a small parking area at the north end, or you can enter from the south at Rockland Lake or Nyack Beach." Haverstraw Beach State Park | Rockland  website and more . . .
 All Nyack ListingsRockland

 Nyack Biking Trails | Bike Paths

Hook Mountain, State Park, Nyacks, History, Tappan Zee Riverfront, Piermont, Nyack, Perkins Point, Hudson River, Attractions, Activities, Biking, bike path, biking trails, Hudson River Valley, Bird Watching, Hiking, Bear Mountain Bridge | Rockland Hook Mountain State Park

  Hook Mountain State Park, 676-acres in size, is part of the Palisades Interstate Park system. The park can be accessed just north of Nyack. The Palisades ridge, which had moved inland to form a shallow bowl, returns to the river's edge. The familiar columnar formations reappear as Hook Mountain, jutting its massive curved and quarried face into the river and demarcating the Tappan Zee from Haverstraw Bay. The name is derived from the Dutch Verdrietige Hoogte (tedious or troublesome point), named for the contrary winds that sailors encountered while trying to round it. Hook Mountain State Park | Rockland  website and more . . .

10960, Nyack Beach, State Park, Upper Nyack, Nyack Beach Park, picnicking, hiking, bicycling, fishing, cross-country skiing, Things to Do, Biking Trail, Boat Launch Sites, Fishing, Hiking Trails, Picnic Tables, Winter Activities, Cross-Country Skiing | Rockland Nyack Beach State Park

  Nyack Beach State Park is located at 698 North Broadway, Upper Nyack NY 10960, Rockland County in the Hudson Valley. Nyack Beach Park boasts 61-acres of riverfront along the Hudson in Rockland County. The most popular activities are picnicking, hiking, bicycling and fishing. Trails are open for cross-country skiing in winter. Nyack Beach State Park | Rockland  website and more . . .
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 Piermont Biking Trails | Bike Paths

photo, Piermont Pier, Piermont Marsh, Hudson River National Estuarine, Things to Do at Piermont Pier, Fishing, Hiking, Scenic Views, Restaurants near Pier at Piermont, good restaurants, activities, attractions, things to do in Rockland County | Rockland Piermont Pier and Piermont Marsh

  Click to enlarge photo of View at Piermont Pier.

Photo of  View on Piermont Pier Piermont Pier offers beautiful views and excellent springtime fishing. Rental boats, canoes, and kayaks, are available in the immediate area. Piermont Pier and Piermont Marsh | Rockland  photos, website and more . . .
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 Rockland County Biking Trails | Bike Paths

Scenic Drive, 7 Lakes Drive, Bear Mountain, scenic ride, lakes Sebago, Skanatati, Askoti, Kanawauke, Tiorati, Nawahunta, Silver Mine Lake, things to do, fishing, Hike, summer, winter, fall, activities, attractions, swimming, boating, bird watching | Rockland 7 Lakes Scenic Drive - Rockland County

  7 Lakes Drive, Orange and Rockland counties
Hudson River Valley, New York State

7 Lakes Drive in Harriman State Park, built in 1913, runs approximately 20 miles between Sloatsburg, NY on the southern end to Bear Mountain State Park on the northern end. A scenic ride along Seven Lakes Drive passes lakes Sebago, Skanatati, Askoti, Kanawauke, Tiorati, Nawahunta and Silver Mine Lake.

Click to enlarge photo of Lake Askoti in Harriman State Park.

Click to enlarge photo of Lake Askoti in Harriman State Park. Lake Askoti, approximately 41-acres in size, is located in Harriman State Park. Lake Askoti, a tributary of Lake Skannatati River in Orange County, is surrounded by hiking trails offering beautiful vistas and great hiking. 7 Lakes Scenic Drive - Rockland County | Rockland  photos and more . . .

10911, Recreation Area, Bear Mountain, NY, Rockland County, wooded and scenic area, Harriman State Park, picnic areas, playing fields, cross-country skiing, hiking trails, Things to Do, Biking, Hiking Trails, Winter Activities, Cross-Country Skiing | Rockland Harriman State Park - Anthony Wayne Recreation Area

  The Anthony Wayne Recreation Area is located at Palisades Parkway, Exit 17, Bear Mountain, NY 10911 in Rockland County. Anthony Wayne is a wooded and scenic area within Harriman State Park. The recreation area lies in a wooded valley. Facilities include picnic areas with fireplaces, playing fields, and cross-country skiing and hiking trails. Harriman State Park - Anthony Wayne Recreation Area | Rockland  website and more . . .

park, lakes, reservoirs, hiking trails, beaches, camping, scenic roads, wildlife, Things to Do, Beach, Biking, Boat Launch Sites, Boat Rentals, Horseback Riding, Cabins, Campsites, Fishing, Winter Activities, Cross-Country Skiing, Ice Fishing | Rockland Harriman State Park - Rockland County (and Orange)

  Harriman State Park, is located at Seven Lakes Dr / Bear Mountain Circle, Ramapo, NY 10974 in both Orange and Rockland counties. Harriman Park is the second-largest park in the parks system, with 31 lakes and reservoirs, 200 miles of hiking trails, three beaches, two public camping areas, a network of group camps, miles of streams and scenic roads, and scores of wildlife species, vistas and vantage points. The park includes Lakes Welch, Sebago, Tiorati and Silvermine, the Anthony Wayne Recreation Area, Sebago Cabins and Beaver Pond Campgrounds. Harriman State Park - Rockland County (and Orange) | Rockland  website and more . . .

Long Path Trail 1 - 4: Hiking / Biking Hudson Palisades

  Long Path Trail 1 - 4: Hiking / Biking Hudson Palisades

"The southernmost sections of the Long Path follow the Hudson River and the Hudson Palisades north, staying close to the river and to civilization. Although the trail does have some quiet forests and lakes, the majority of its scenic vistas look out over the Hudson River and the works of civilization. Its most impressive views encompass towns and villages along the way, but the most conspicuous ones are of the cities and villages on the east side of the Hudson River, not the least of which include the Borough of Manhattan and the City of Yonkers. On most days, it is possible to see barges and tugboats plying the river, and occasionally a small freighter passing as it connects points along the navigable portions of the Hudson River, from Albany south to the great port of New York City. These southernmost sections of the Long Path are the main ones easily accessible by public transportation, making them attractive and easily reachable weekend jaunts into nature for those who live in New York City." Long Path Trail 1 - 4:  Hiking / Biking Hudson Palisades | Rockland  website and more . . .

Mid-Hudson Bicycle Club

  Mid-Hudson Bicycle Club (MHBC) is a recreational club founded in 1966. Its goal is to enhance member's enjoyment of cycling by offering organized rides and activities and various informational programs. The club promotes and encourages cycling by providing safe, pleasant opportunities to bicycle. Membership is open to anyone interested in cycling, from a beginning cyclist up to an expert. Mid-Hudson Bicycle Club | Rockland  website and more . . .

Cabin Camp, cabins, full service cottages, row boat rentals, beach, biking, hiking, tennis courts, Accessible, Things to Do at Sebago Cabin Camp, Cabins (handicapped-accessible), Fishing, Picnic, Playgrounds, Winter Activities, Cross-Country Skiing | Rockland Sebago Cabin Camp - Harriman State Park Lake Sebago

  The Sebago Cabin Camp in Harriman State Park is on Lake Sebago. The camp offers rustic cabins and full service cottages. Also available: row boat rentals, beach, biking and hiking, organized sports, Saturday bonfire, rainy day movies and activities, play area, recreation hall, and tennis courts.

Note: Accessible indicates that, to the extent practicable, this facility or activity meets the Americans with Disabilities Act accessibility standards. It is strongly recommended that you contact the facility in advance for a full description of what you can expect. Sebago Cabin Camp - Harriman State Park Lake Sebago | Rockland  website and more . . .

scenic, Harriman State Park, picnic grounds, hiking, boat launch site, Things to Do, Boat Launch, Hiking Trails,  Walking, Picnic Tables, Winter Activities, Ice Fishing | Rockland Silver Mine - Harriman State Park

  Silver Mine is part of the beautiful and scenic Harriman State Park, located in Bear Mountain in Rockland County. The Silver Mine area of Harriman State Park offers biking, fishing, hiking, picnic grounds and a boat launch site. Silver Mine - Harriman State Park | Rockland  website and more . . .

Hudson, Piermont Marsh, swimming pool, running track, tennis courts, cross-country skiing, a walking trail, picnic areas, Things to Do, Biking, Hiking Paths, Picnic Tables, Playground, Playing Fields, Pool, Showers, Tennis, Winter Activities | Rockland Tallman Mountain State Park

  Tallman Mountain State Park is located at Route 9W, Sparkill, NY 10976 in Rockland County. The park comprises wooded country on the easterly slope of the Palisades uplands overlooking the Hudson and Piermont Marsh, which lies between the river and the slope. The marsh is part of the Hudson River National Estuarine Research Reserve. Tallman Mountain Park operates as a day-use area, offering a swimming pool, running track, tennis courts, playfield, cross-country skiing, a walking trail, hiking and picnic areas. Tallman Mountain State Park | Rockland  website and more . . .
 All Valley Cottage ListingsRockland

 Valley Cottage Biking Trails | Bike Paths

10989, Hook Mountain, Things to Do, Biking, Boat Launch, Boat Rentals, Fishing, Golf, Hiking Trails, Picnic Tables, Playground, Swimming, kiddies pool, Tennis, Winter Activities, Cross-Country Skiing, Ice Fishing, Sledding | Rockland Rockland Lake State Park

  Rockland Lake State Park, 1,133 acres in size, is located in the hamlets of Congers and Valley Cottage in the Town of Clarkstown. The address of the park is 299 Rockland Lake Road, Valley Cottage NY 10989 in Rockland County. Although the main entrance to Rockland Lake Park is in Valley Cottage, the park is accessible from Haverstraw, Congers, and Valley Cottage.

About Rockland Lake State park: "Rockland Lake State Park's lake is located on a ridge of Hook Mountain above the west bank of the Hudson River. The park offers a huge 24,140 square foot swimming pool with diving boards - the pool is more than 10,000 square feet larger than an Olympic size pool. A kiddie pool is also available for young children. The park also offers picnic tables; grills, a car top boat launch dock, hiking trails with breath-taking views of the Hudson Valley, six tennis courts and the Rockland Lake State Park golf courses, featuring two 18 hole golf courses. Anglers can fish Rockland Lake for bass, perch and norlunge. Walkers, joggers, roller bladers, and bicyclists can enjoy the 3.2 mile non-motorized use paved trail around the lake. Rockland Lake State Park | Rockland  website and more . . .

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Bike Paths | Biking Trails
Rockland County
Hudson Valley

Find up-to-date list of biking trails in Rockland County, New York. Review the best places to go biking in Rockland and the Hudson River Valley. Easily find places to bike by location. Biking trails are listed by town, village, or hamlet, within Rockland County. Experience biking at its best at where you will find biking paths and bike trails to satisfy all levels of bikers.

Plan a family biking trip. Kids love to spend time out and about with their family; especially if you pack a delicious picnic lunch to enjoy during your family day out. Be sure to pack plenty of water, healthy snacks, and your biking gear.

Visit Biking Trails | Bike Paths; select a bike trail that matches your level of experience. Experienced bikers will find many challenging bike rides. Beginners and moderate bikers will also find many trails suitable for their level of expertise. Enjoy a day out biking in the Hudson Valley. A day outdoors, surrounded by nature, can be satisfying while providing great exercise.

Biking provides a fun method of transportation that affords many health benefits. You can bike off main roads and find great biking paths in country settings filled with beautiful landscapes and nature. Also enjoy the thrill of going somewhere without car fumes and noise. Plan a day biking - give up the car and have fun biking to your destination.

Biking is an invigorating and liberating experience that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Children and teens can enjoy biking with their parents and even grandparents; giving everyone an opportunity to have a fun day out and learn more about each other. In warm weather, pack a picnic, find a beautiful setting, and enjoy a picnic surrounded by nature.

Health Benefits of Biking
Riding a bike is good for your health and is lots of fun. Biking offers many opportunities to get in shape and get healthy. Biking can help protect you from depression, diabetes, heart attacks, obesity, strokes, and it is believed that biking can also protect you from some cancers. Riding a bike is a healthy, low-impact form of exercise and is safe for people of all ages that are in generally good health. Regular biking stimulates and improves your heart, lungs and circulation while reducing your risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Biking is a low impact exercise. Biking causes less strain and inuries than many other forms of exercise.

  • Biking offers muscle workout. Biking uses all major muscle groups as you pedal, especially up-hill.

  • Biking improves strength, stamina, and aerobic fitness.

  • Biking is an excellent means of transportation for short or even longer distances.

  • Biking is flexible and can be used to build up endurance.

  • Biking is good for beginners since you can vary the intensity of a bike ride by initially riding on flat trails rather than hills, and by biking at low speeds.

Biking trails are often surrounded by fresh air, trees, the sounds of birds, small animals, and the wonderful breadth of nature. Hudson Valley biking offers a wide range of places to go biking for all levels of bikers. The beginning biker, intermediate, and experienced biker can find places to bike that are suitable to their level of expertise.

Plan a day, weekend, or vacation in the Hudson Valley where you can experience the best biking has to offer. Take a short bike trip or plan a more challenging biking trip along scenic landscapes and immerse yourself in the great outdoors.
    Biking with Kids
    Biking is ranked among the best activities for kids and most kids really enjoy biking. When planning a biking trip, let the child's ability guide you. Some kids are more comfortable on a bike than others, so when selecting a bike trail include your children when selecting a bike trail.

    Benefits of biking with kids are many. Biking allows you to share an experience or adventure with your child where you can discover nature as you bike one of many excellent Hudson Valley biking paths. Biking benefits include breathing fresh air, nature study where you learn about birds, small animals, wild flowers, trees, and more about the natural world around us.

    You can work together with your child to map out and determine the biking route that best suits you and your child's ability. Show them maps with biking trails and teach them how to read these biking maps. In addition to the many benefits listed above, biking is good for your mental and physical health, and biking is mostly a free activity. Biking is within reach of most people that are reasonably healthy, regardless of financial circumstances.

    Involve your child in the planning stages of preparing a family biking trip. Select a trail together, and then create a simple map that your child can read while on the trail. You can also teach the child how to read trail markers. If your child is not initially interested in biking, you may want to reward your child at the end of a bike for helping to find the biking markers and the way forward or back to home base. This added incentive may encourage your child to enjoy the biking experience.

    During the preparation phase of the bike, give children a list of biking essentials and let them pack their own biking bag or backpack. The backpack should include gear similar to your own such as a whistle, rainwear, compass, and first-aid kit. In addition to involving the children in adventures of biking they will feel grownup and responsible as you work together to make the bike trip a success.

    When collecting supplies for your bike trip, always include plenty of water, healthy snacks that your child enjoys, and a map that your child can read. Involve them in decisions of where to bike as you would involve another adult. Here are some suggestions toward building a successful biking experience with kids:

  • Invite your child's friend so they can share the adventure together; as we all know, "Grownups can get boring."

  • Pack protein snacks that are good for the kids and that they enjoy eating.

  • In cool weather, pack warm dry clothes and backup clothing.

  • Plan a biking trip with a special activity or attraction at the end of the trail. For example:

  • The most important thing to remember is that biking should be fun. Don't stress if you cannot complete your biking trip, or if it starts to rain, or if it's too hot. Just enjoy the time you have together. These memories will last a lifetime for both you, your children, and your whole family.

Rockland Biking Trails
Rockland offers biking trails for all levels of bikers. Beginner, intermediate, and experienced bikers can find bike trails at the following parks and locations.

Although biking trails vary in difficulty, a common thread is that biking is good for your physical and mental health as well as your spirit. Many biking trails are located in large parks; allowing you to breath fresh air, listen to the sounds of nature such as the sounds of birds and small animals running about; and biking trails usually run through scenic landscapes offering great photo opportunities. Before starting your first bike trip review essentials for biking.
    Essentials for Biking Safety on City Streets and in the Country include:

  • Obey traffic signs and signals - Bicycles must follow the rules of the road like other vehicles.

  • Always wear your helmet - Bicyclist's 14 years old and younger are required to wear a helmet when operating a bicycle. The helmet must conform to the standard established by the American National Standard Institute (ANSI), the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) or Snell Memorial Foundation (Snell) at all times.

  • Never ride against traffic - Motorist’s aren't looking for bicyclists riding on the wrong side of the road. State law and common sense require that bicyclists drive like other operating vehicles.

  • Don’t pass on the right - Motorist's may not look for or see a bicycle passing on the right.

  • Keep both hands ready to brake - You may not stop in time if you brake one-handed. Allow extra distance for stopping in the rain, since brakes are less efficient when wet.

  • Scan the road behind you - Learn to look back over your shoulder without losing your balance or swerving. Some riders use rear-view mirrors.

  • Never operate a bicycle wearing headphones, talking on a cell phone or text messaging - Wearing headphones, talking on a cell phone or text messaging when operating a bicycle can be a deadly distraction. Be alert to your surroundings; stop your bicycle when sending or receiving a cell phone call or text message.

  • Follow lane markings - Don't turn left from the right lane. Don't go straight in a lane marked “right-turn only.”

  • Do not consume alcohol - Consuming alcohol and operating a bicycle do not mix. Alcohol can dramatically diminish a bicyclist’s cognitive and physical abilities and can result in a crash.

  • Dress appropriately - In rain, wear a poncho or a waterproof suit. Dress in layers so you can adjust to temperature changes. Wear brightly colored clothing.

  • Use hand signals - Hand signals tell motorists and pedestrians what you intend to do. Signal as a matter of law, of courtesy and of self-protection.

  • Ride in the middle of the lane in slower traffic - Get in the middle of the lane at busy intersections and whenever you are moving at the same speed as traffic.

  • Choose the best way to turn left - There are two choices: (1) Like an automobile: Signal to move into the left turn lane and then turn left. (2) Like a pedestrian: Ride straight to the far side crosswalk. Walk your bike across.

  • Make eye contact with drivers - Assume that other drivers don't see you until you are sure that they do. Eye contact is important with any driver who might pose a threat to your safety.

  • Look out for road hazards - Watch out for parallel-slat sewer grates, gravel, ice, sand or debris. Cross railroad tracks at right angles.

  • Use lights at night - New York law requires a white headlight (visible from at least 500 feet ahead) and a red rear reflector or taillight (visible up to 300 feet from behind).

  • Keep your bike in good repair - Adjust your bike to fit you and keep it working properly. Check brakes and tires regularly. Routine maintenance is simple and you can learn to do it yourself.

  • Source: Tips for Safe Biking.

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