Silver Mine - Harriman State Park |  Rockland County New York
Kids Hiking Trails in the Hudson Valley

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Silver Mine - Harriman State Park

Rockland County

scenic, Harriman State Park, picnic grounds, hiking, boat launch site, Things to Do, Boat Launch, Hiking Trails,  Walking, Picnic Tables, Winter Activities, Ice Fishing Silver Mine - Harriman State Park

Silver Mine is part of the beautiful and scenic Harriman State Park, located in Bear Mountain in Rockland County. The Silver Mine area of Harriman State Park offers biking, fishing, hiking, picnic grounds and a boat launch site.

Things To Do
Biking (helmets required)
Boat Launch
Hiking trails
Picnic Tables

    Winter Activities
    Ice Fishing
    Ice Skating

Scenic Drives
7 Lakes Drive in Harriman State Park, built in 1913, runs approximately 20 miles between Sloatsburg, NY on the southern end to Bear Mountain State Park on the northern end. A scenic ride along Seven Lakes Drive passes lakes Sebago, Skanatati, Askoti, Kanawauke, Tiorati, Nawahunta and Silver Mine Lake.

Location: Rockland County

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