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Photo Opportunities at Bear Mountain

Bear Mountain

Rockland County

Photo Opportunities at Bear Mountain


Click to enlarge photo of an Early Evening Swim in Hessian Lake.

Click to enlarge photo of Evening Swim at Hessian Lake
Photo opportunities abound at Bear Mountain State Park located in the Bear Mountain Region of New York State. Bear Mountain offers the photographer stunning scenery and landscapes throughout the year. The photographic artist has opportunities to build their own portfolio of artistic impressions at one of many scenic spots just waiting to be photgraphed.

Things To Do at Bear Mountain Park

Take a break from New York City - Manhattan to Bear Mountain is only an hour's drive (without traffic) from midtown. Spend a day or weekend in the country. Go to Bear Mountain State Park. For overnight stays, the Bear Mountain Inn is located right in the park and is close to attractions and activities.

Visit Bear Mountain Park when looking for scenic spots and photo opportunities. If your hobby is photography or you are a professional photographer, photo opportunities at Bear Mountain are limitless. Magnificent scenery, rugged landscapes, and beautiful Hudson River landscapes set the tone in this very special region of the Hudson Valley. Find places to photograph on the hiking trails along the Hudson River and in the hills and mountains of Bear Mountain Park. When its time for lunch, have a picnic at Hessian Lake in Bear Mountain followed by a walk around the lake.

Plan a day trip to Bear Mountain. Find winter, spring, summer, and fall landscapes to photograph. Outstanding scenic opportunities for photographers are present at every turn. Find many year round activities and attractions for children at Bear Mountain Park . During every season of the year, Bear Mountain offers many things to do for both kids and adults; in addition to everlasting opportunities to take beautiful photos.

Bring the family to Bear Mountain. While you are photographing the Bear Mountain scenery, the kids can be introduced to a wonderland of nature, scenic landscapes, and the adventure of Bear Mountain Park. Kids of all ages will love the many activities at Bear Mountain Park; including the beach, biking, fishing, nature trails, recreation programs, zoo, and Merry-Go-Round Pavilion. Winter activities include: snowmobiling, snowshoeing, an outdoor rink (from late October through mid-March), and more.

After an intense photo session treat yourself to lunch or dinner at the Bear Mountain Inn, or just order refreshments at a casual dining area in the inn or at one of the refreshment stands in the park. Before going home, relax at Hessian Lake and watch the landscape change as plants and animals get ready for evening.

Explore the park on a warm spring day when flowers, trees, and the sound of nature come alive after the long winter season. Explore Bear Mountain Park where you can take nature walks, hike the Appalachian Trail, go boating on Hessian Lake, take the kids to the Trailside Museum and Zoo, and enjoy many activities outdoors at Bear Mountain in Rockland County, New York. Don't forget your camera!

Just a few of the many things to do in summer include boating, fishing, and picnics at Hessian Lake and the Hudson River. Bear Mountain is also home to one of the largest outdoor swimming pools in the area, so be sure to bring a bathing suit. As the light fades over the lake, relax and watch the ducks take an Evening swim in Hessian Lake, Bear Mountain.

Scenic Bear Mountain
Visit Bear Mountain Park, renowned for its naturally beautiful landscape. The heavily forested Bear Mountain State Park is set against rugged mountains in the historic Hudson River Valley and is virtually a photographer's dream. Everywhere you turn presents new and stunning views set in the natural landscape of nature, just 45 miles north of New York City. Imagine!

Lakes, rivers, ponds, forest, hills, and mountains abound at Bear Mountain. This 5000 acre parkland offers stunning sights including Perkins Point, views from the pedestrian walkway of the Bear Mountain Bridge, and the Appalachian Trail.

    Perkins Point and Perkins Memorial Tower
    Hike or bike up Perkins Drive if you're in very good shape, otherwise drive to Perkins Memorial Tower at the summit of Bear Mountain State Park. Experience breathtaking views as you make your way to the top of Perkins Point. Upon reaching Perkins Point summit, you will be rewarded by one of the most beautiful views imaginable.

    The steep drive leading to Perkins Memorial Tower is 1,305 feet above the Hudson River. With its 360-degree view you can see the Hudson River, the Bear Mountain Bridge, U.S. Military Academy at West Point, Storm King, and Fort Montgomery. The observation floors of the tower offer displays describing the distant views, including the mountain ranges of the: Taconics, Ramapo, Shawangunk, and Catskill Mountains.

    The Historic Appalachian Trail
    In 1921, the idea for the Appalachian Trail originated with a volunteer forester Benton MacKaye. Benton conceived the Trail as a refuge from modern stresses, stretching along the spine of the Appalachian mountains, where hikers could re-connect with the natural world.

    On October 7, 1923 the first section of the Appalachian Trail was finished at Bear Mountain. This part of the trail took hikers south to the Delaware Water Gap and served as a model for the many trails that followed. Trails were later joined to comprise the now famous Appalachian Trail in Bear Mountain. Today, the Appalachian trail spans 2,167 miles, and is the first National Scenic trail in the United States.

    Of interest to hikers, the historic Appalachian Trail is carried across the Popolopen Suspension Bridge and the Bear Mountain Bridge.

The scenic campground, formed along the park’s natural rock ridges, provides alcoves of privacy and tranquility for campers. Each of the 80 campsites has a picnic table and fire ring. Additionally there is an area for RV camping. On weekends, park staff organizes hikes and craft activities.

Bear Mountain is most easily accessed by car. Although campgrounds and lodging are available, Bear Mountain Park is primarily a day-use park offering magnificent scenery, photo opportunities, and great hiking for all levels of hikers.

Activities and Things to Do at Bear Mountain include:
Biking Trails
Boat Rentals *
Fishing (lake and river fishing) *
Food at park and at Bear Mountain Inn *
Hiking Trails
Nature Trails (signage about plants)
Picnicking *
Playing Fields *
Photography *
Pool (very large pool)
Nature Trails and Study *
Recreation programs
Zoo, Trailside Museum
Merry-Go-Round Pavilion
    Winter Activities
    Cross-country Skiing
    Ice Skating at Outdoor rink (Late October through mid-March) *

Attractions at Bear Mountain include:
Merry-Go-Round Pavilion *
Perkins Memorial Drive & Tower *
Scenic landscapes (Photograph opportunities) *
Trailside Museums *
Zoo and Nature Park *

Wheelchair Accessible*
Accessible indicates that, to the extent possible, this facility or activity meets the Americans with Disabilities Act accessibility standards. It is strongly recommended that you contact the facility in advance for a full description of facilities.

Location: Bear Mountain

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